Biffy Chrome Bidet Review



The Biffy Chrome Bidet toilet seat attachment is a very basic type of bidet cleaning system. It doesn’t require an outlet and it can help you to feel very clean. The product is unique with the 8 stream jet design for the nozzle. The price is very low and it can be a great option for someone that would like to try a new way to be clean after using the toilet.


There are 8 stream jets in the nozzle that that water comes from, and they can be adjusted. Both the position and the amount of pressure can be changed. There are three water pressure settings for the Biffy Chrome Bidet attachment. The self-cleaning nozzles are sanitary and they are easy to control. The Biffy Chrome is very simple to install. It typically takes about 15 minutes to complete. It fits just about all standard one and two piece toilets. There is no electricity required to set it up.


There is no remote, everything is done by touching the handle. It can take some time to get the pattern of what you should do to get the results you want. The spray arm has to be held down for the entire duration of time you would like the cleaning to occur.
It only offers room temperature water. However, you can install a Biffy warmer if you would like to have the water heated up. There is no dryer offered with the Biffy Chrome so you may still want to keep toilet paper handy for complete drying.


The price of the Biffy Chrome is only $130. This is a low cost for the cleaning features. Of course it doesn’t have all the advanced features or even several of the basics that other models have. The consumer needs to really decide if they want to save some money or they want to have those benefits in place each time they use the toilet. Even upgrading to the Bio Bidet BB-i3000 for $170 will offer more benefits.
There is a 15 day money back guarantee offered. This is impressive because very few products in this category allow returns. There is also a one year warranty provided.


The Biffy Chrome is very simplistic. Yet there are many things lacking that could make it better. For example, a remote and a dryer would significantly improve it. There is no heated seat either. For the price, a consumer could easily get a better product by spending only about $50 to $75 more.