Bio Bidet BB-800 Review



A well-made and designed electronic toilet seat is the Bio Bidet BB-800 Prestige. It offers plenty of powerful cleaning and it is so easy to install. The control panel is easy to use too, making it so pleasant to set the features you want.


You can purchase this toilet seat in either the elongated or the round shape. It fits just about all styles of one or two piece toilet bowls. On the right hand side of it, there is the control panel. There are plenty of buttons, and it does take a bit of time to learn what all of them offer. However, the benefit is that this toilet seat does offer plenty of customization.

There are three nozzles for this toilet seat, including one that offers an enema. This is a feature you rarely find on a lower priced electronic toilet seat. The self-cleaning nozzles are adjustable in terms of position and you can pick from one of three water pressure settings. You can also pick from one of three water temperature settings. It all adds up to a very good experience that you will be happy with.

The seat can be heated, with one of three settings to pick from. It can also be turned off when you don’t want use it for economic savings. The warm air dryer offers three settings so you can walk away from the toilet feeling very clean and fresh. There is no longer a need to use toilet paper.

There is a built in deodorizer and filter offered with the Bio Bidet BB-800 Prestige. This helps to reduce the risk of odors lingering in the bathroom after someone has used the toilet.


The only color that the Bio Bidet BB-800 Prestige is offered in is white. It doesn’t have a wireless remote which is disappointing in the eyes of many consumers. For very light people or children, the control panel may not work. This is because it has to first recognize that someone is sitting on the toilet seat for it to be activated.


The price of the Bio Bidet BB-800 Prestige is $450. It offers plenty of value in this price range. The lack of a remote control though tends to make people want to upgrade to a model that does. For example, the Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss which does have the wireless remote for about $650. With a three year warranty period, that only helps to verify the value.


For this price range, the Bio Bidet BB-800 Prestige is one of the best options you can consider. It has all the basic features you need along with some advanced ones. The biggest downfall of it is that it doesn’t offer a remote control.