Brondell Freshspa Easy Bidet Review



The Brondell Freshspa Easy Bidet toilet seat attachment is a simple to use and easy to install product for homes, businesses, and even hotels. The design is one that offers the basics without the high expense or additional features you may not be interested in learning to use.


There are three settings offered for water pressure control with the Brondell Freshspa Easy Bidet. This allows the user to get the experience that is right for them every time. The nozzle can be placed in one of three positions to also ensure the user is getting a customized experience.

The design of the Brondell Freshspa Easy Bidet attachment ensures it can be installed in about 10 minutes. You don’t need electricity or batteries to operate it. It can be used on almost all one or two piece toilets. It is made from high quality plastic materials. The internal valve is made from heavy duty brass. This helps to reduce the risk of any drips or leaks.


There is only one nozzle offered with the Brondell Freshspa Easy Bidet. This can be disappointing to the consumer that finds two nozzles seem to offer the best level of cleansing.  There is no option for warm water with this bidet.

Some consumers have found that the screws shipped with the product aren’t long enough for their toilet. However, it isn’t hard to find longer screws to use if you need them.


The cost of the Brondell Freshspa Easy Bidet is about $60. It is similar in terms of features to the Luxe Neo 120. This product is very affordable, but it doesn’t have any additional perks. If you are interested in some additional features, you may find it is worth paying a bit more to get them.

However, this can be a great bidet to start with so that you can decide if it is something you want to use on a daily basis. There is a one year warranty offered with the Brondell Freshspa Easy Bidet.


The Brondell Freshspa Easy Bidet is low cost and it offers the basics that a person may need from a bidet system. It is easy to install and easy to control.