Brondell Swash Ecoseat 100 Review



With the Brondell Swash Ecoseat 100 toilet seat bidet, the user can get an experience that is clean and fast. This is a toilet seat that is extremely affordable. This is a very basic product and even some of the common features aren’t in place.


There are three water pressure settings to pick from. They allow the cleaning process to take the individual into consideration. The control buttons are on the right hand side of the unit. Since there are limited features, the buttons are easy to figure out. The installation process for this toilet seat is very simple. It can be completed in about 15 minutes.

There is no need for electricity with the Brondell Swash Ecoseat 100 bidet. Many people don’t have an electrical outlet close to the toilet. They don’t want to spend money to have an electrician come in and install one. Yet they like the cleaning possibilities of a bidet. This is especially true for the elderly that may have arthritis or other health issues that make traditional toilet using a difficult procedure. With the bidet, they are able to remain clean and they can be more self-sufficient.


Some consumers have expressed they wish there was more water pressure to work with for cleansing. This particular unit only uses cold water, so there is no heated water to work with when cleansing. Consumers say in their homes it is usually room temperature. There is no remote on the Brondell Swash Ecoseat 100 bidet.

There is no dryer on this toilet seat, so many people feel that they still need to use toilet paper in order to get completely dry. There is seat warmer either. It is also limited in terms of color and size. It is only offered in white and only in the elongated shape.


The price of the Brondell S100-EW Ecoseat 100 bidet is $180. This is one of the lowest priced toilet seats in this category. While the price is very low, the fact that there isn’t hot water to work with or a remote can make it less than the ideal set up. If you want one with more features, consider the Bio Bidet BB 600 which is about $375. There is a 1 year warrant on this particular toilet seat.


For the consumer looking for a very simple and low cost toilet seat, the Brondell S100-EW Ecoseat 100 bidet will do. However, since it is missing some basic features including heated water and a dryer, it may leave the experience less than you wanted from it.