Clean Sense DIB-1500R Review



If you are interested in a bidet for your home, consider the Clean Sense Bidet 1500R. It offers more than just basic features. It provides the user with a complete and sanitary cleansing system each time they use the toilet. The experience can be customized and that is something consumers really enjoy about this product.


There is an unlimited amount of warm water offered with the clean sense bidet 1500R. This allows the user to take all the time that they need to feel fully clean after using the toilet. There are three temperature settings so that the water is always the perfect degree of heat for the user.

No more using the bathroom and sitting down on a cold seat! The Clean Sense Bidet 1500R offers a heater with three settings. It can also be turned off during the warmer time of the year to offer an economic option. The dual nozzles are self-cleaning for sanitary use. The nozzles are also adjustable so you can have them located precisely where you need them.

The warm air dryer also has three settings of heat. This allows the user to get completely dry after using the toilet without using any toilet paper. The carbon air deodorizer ensures that the bathroom stays smelling fresh. No more embarrassing odors that can linger for the next bathroom user to experience.

This product features the additional option for an enema wash. This is a feature that isn’t often found on bidets in this price range. It is a feature that is typically reserved for the higher priced products.

There are four presets that can be customized with the Clean Sense Bidet 1500R. This is a huge selling point as up to four family members can program their settings. Then they can just press their preset button when they use the toilet. There are also two preset child settings.


There is a wall mount keypad for the controls on the Clean Sense Bidet 1500R. Some consumers have stated they wish this model came with a wireless remote. Depending on the design of your bathroom, you may have to place the control panel on the wall behind you instead of beside you. That can be inconvenient and difficult, especially for someone that has limited mobility.

Some consumers have experienced a beeping error on their control panel display. This is due to a fan problem, and the manufacturer will take care of it as long as you report the problem during the warranty period.


The Clean Sense Bidet 1500R retails for about $380. This is a very reasonable price for the durability and the features that are offered with this toilet seat. It is very comparable to the Infinity Bidet models offered, but you will pay less for this one. It also features a one year warranty. Similar products with similar features will cost you at least $600.


Don’t assume that the Clean Sense Bidet 1500R doesn’t have what you need. There are plenty of higher priced products out there, but you can get the features you want without the high price tag. This is a reasonably priced product that is built to last. It gets very good reviews.