Coco 9500R Review



One of the great options out there for a bidet is the COCO 9500R bidet toilet seat. The product is well made but without the high expense attached to it. This bidet exceeds all of the basic concepts, and it also offers plenty of additional comforts that you will be very content with.


The three in one jet nozzle offers many different ways to customize the use of the COCO 9500R bidet. There is also an enema jet offered that can be a bonus feature that you enjoy having access to. The LED nightlight means that you never have to turn on your harsh, bright bathroom light again when you get up at night.

The heated seat has three settings and it can also be turned off if you prefer. Many consumers turn it off during the warmer time of the year to save electricity and because they don’t need it.

There is a never ending amount of warm water offered due to the heated water tank. This means the user can take all the time they want to get clean without running out of warm water.

Some of the extra features include a bubble setting, pulse setting, and massage wash setting. There is a wireless remote offered with the COCO 9500R so that you can enjoy being able to program your settings and selections without any concerns. There are four preset options on the remote. There is also a children’s preset option.

There are three water temperature settings so that you can choose the one that you prefer. There are three settings to choose from on the dryer, so there is no longer a need for toilet paper. The built in deodorizer helps to eliminate the risk of any odors lingering in the bathroom after use. There is also a splashguard to ensure all the water stays inside of the toilet bowel. Two water purifying filters are also standard.


There must be an electrical outlet within four feet of the COCO 9500R bidet. If such an outlet isn’t present, some consumers have to spend money to have one installed. The price can vary based on the electrician services required. This product won’t fit one piece toilets that have a French curve. This product can take up to an hour to install, which is twice as long as other competitor products.


The cost of the COCO 9500 bidet is $430. This is a reasonable price for a such a great product. In fact, it offers many of the features as other models that cost hundreds of dollars more. This model is durable, easy to install, and easy to use. There is a one year full warranty on this bidet and a three year limited warranty on parts.


The COCO 9500R bidet is an exceptional product. It is made from quality materials and has plenty of additional benefits above the standard bedit. The price is far less than similar products, many of which don’t have as many features.