Coway BA13 Review



One of the well-made toilet seats out there with advanced features and plenty of comforts is the Coway BA13 toilet seat. It offers the best technology but it is also very simple to use. The experience is one that most people are happy with. This is a compact toilet seat design, but there is nothing lacking that a person may need. It is also higher at the back than the front to offer a good seating position for cleaning to occur with great results. The Brondell Swash 1000 was built off this Coway model, with some minor improvements.


This toilet seat features a remote control. There is the option to mount it on the wall too. This is a great feature as some consumers prefer a remote and others want a centralized control unit. There is no more use for toilet paper with the Coway BA13 bidet toilet seat. There are two wash functions, one for the front and one for the back. There is a move button for them so you can get them to spray water exactly where you need it. They are self washing too which ensures sanitary conditions.

The amount of water that is sprayed can be controlled by the user. The width of the spray can also be controlled, and that is a great perk to ensure a clean experience every single time. There are three water pressure setting offered. The tankless water system heats the water instantly. The warm water flow continues for as long as you want. You can pick from one of four water temperatures.

The air dry system featured with the Coway BA13 bidet toilet seat works quickly and efficiently. There are four settings to choose from with the dryer. The built in deodorizer helps to keep your bathroom fresh. The experience also offers a heated toilet seat. That can be turned off during the warmer times of the year when you don’t really need it. This is also a soft seat, which is a great benefit for those that don’t enjoy the typical hard toilet seat feel.

Only takes about 10 minutes to get this toilet seat involved. There aren’t any difficult procedures or time consuming steps to worry about. The nozzle sterilization is a feature that was introduced by Coway. The Coway BA13 bidet also features a toilet seat you can sit on when you are doing other things in the bathroom. Typically, you shouldn’t seat on a toilet seat but this one allows you to do so without a second thought.


The only color that the Coway BA13 is offered in is white. It is also only offered in the elongated shape. These factors don’t always meet the needs of the customer.


The Coway BA13 costs about $600. There are a couple of toilet seats out there in the $1,000 to $1,200 range. They offer more features and perks, but if you want to save money and can live with what this one offers, then it is wise to save the money. There is a one year warrant on the toilet seat, and that is standard for this type of product.


There are plenty of upgrade features and top technology as part of the Coway BA13 toilet seat. Yet the product isn’t as expensive as many of the competitors. This can make it a better value as you aren’t paying so much but you still get the great features you want.