Infinity XLC-2000 Review



Selecting a bidet product doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Instead, there is the Infinity Bidet XLC-2000 bidet toilet seat to think about. This is a complete system that will offer a sanitary cleansing experience and drying each and every time.


The heated seat can be set on one of three settings and it can be turned off during the warmer times of the year. There are two self cleansing nozzles that are sanitary to use. The nozzles can be adjusted. There is never any worry about not enough warm water either. The user gets to control the amount of water pressure (3 settings) and the temperature of the water (3 settings.

There is no longer a need for toilet paper with the Infinity Bidet 2000 either. This is because it features three dryer settings. The result is the user walking away from the toilet feeling complete washed, cleaned, and dried. The Sitz bath option is a nice benefit, and it can be used with either warm or cool water.


The Infinity Bidet 2000 doesn’t have a wireless remote control. Instead, it has a control pad on the right hand side. While the control pad is easy to use, it isn’t as convenient as a wireless remote control is.

The bubble, massage, and pulse settings are featured with this bidet. However, they are disappointing in regards to how well they work. Still, many consumers find that just having the option to use them is better than those features completely lacking.


For about $50 more, you can update to the Infinity Bidet 3000. The biggest improvement between the two models is that the 3000 offers is the wireless remote with the ability to preset those customized settings you would like to use all the time. Infinity offers a 3 year warranty on the bidets it offers. This is compared to a 1 year warranty on most of the competitor products.


For the consumer that plans to use the additional features, including the Sitz bath, the Infinity Bidet 2000 can be a very good investment. This product is hundreds of dollars less than the upper priced bidets. Yet there are few that have better features or better materials available.