Infinity XLC-3000 Review



Finding a top notch bidet with all the perks you want for comfort and cleanliness is very important. That is where the Infinity Bidet 3000 is in the spotlight, model XLC-3000. This is a well-made product with all of the perks you are interested in. The price is right, and the controls are simple to master.


The remote control featured with the Infinity Bidet 3000 is very easy to master. Yet it offers plenty of customized features. This is important so that the user gets the ultimate experience that is right for them. The seat is heated and offers three settings as well as the option to turn it off. There are three settings for water pressure and three settings for water temperature. There is also an unlimited flow of water so that a person can get the level of cleanliness that they want.

The Infinity Bidet 3000 also offers a Sitz bath feature with the use of either hot or cold water. This is a great addition for someone with hemorrhoids and other similar health concerns so that they can get some relief. The dual nozzles are self-cleaning so they will always be sanitary. They are also adjustable.

The warm air dryer offers three settings so that you can get the level of drying that you are content with. The remote control allows the user to conveniently select the levels of features that they would like to receive. It is possible to program certain settings for conveniently using them again and again. And there is also a child setting.


There are bubble wash and pulsating settings with the Infinity Bidet 3000. However, they don’t seem to work as well as the other features on this bidet. They aren’t terrible, they just don’t seem to be the same high capacity standards as the rest of the features. It can take some time to master the remote control on this device.


The price tag of the Infinity Bidet 3000 is about $650, and it is considered to be a great investment. If you are serious about owning a top of the line bidet, you can get this one. You don’t have to spend $1,000 or more but those are out there to pick from.

If you enjoy the features but the price is steep for your budget, consider the Clean Sense 1500R. It retails for about half the price, but does offer many of the same features. This model also offers a 3 year warranty, which is very generous. Most of the bidet seats on the market in all price ranges offer a 1 year warranty.


For someone looking for a bidet that is worth the investment, the Infinity Bidet 3000 is one to put your money on. The additional Sitz bath feature is also a benefit that helps to justify the price. For consumers that definitely want this feature, this is one of the best models out there.