TOTO Washlet S350e Bidet Review



All of the features you could ever want from a toilet seat are part of the Toto Washlet S350E. It is designed to offer the right temperature, the right height, and to make the experience one that is very comfortable every single time. This is an electronic toilet seat that leaves you wishing for nothing!


It is offered as a round or elongated toilet seat. This allows consumers to pick the right size that fits their toilet bowl. The highest point of the seat is only 4 inches, but it still offers a very comfortable experience. It is offered in either white or beige color. It features a lid that automatically closes. It closes slowly and softly. Once the lid is closed, the device goes into energy saving mode.

The Toto Washlet S350E can be programmed so that it will open as someone gets close to it. There is also the option to use the remote for opening and closing it. Consumers enjoy being able to decide how they want the opening and closing procedures to work for them. Not all of the similar products out there offer such flexibility.

This toilet eliminates the need for toilet paper. As a result, there is less environmental damage. It also saves money. Women really enjoy the perks of the Toto Washlet S350E because it is designed to offer the right water temperature and the right water angle for their bodies. The water design system is also more than sufficient for cleaning the posterior.

There is a wireless remote control too that can change the angle and height of the spray for different users. There are five settings offered for the pressure of the water and five offered for the temperature of the water. Being able to customize the experience is a big part of why the Toto Washlet S350E is so popular.

There is an endless stream of warm water when you need it. A common complaint with some similar products out there is that the stream is weak or the water flow doesn’t last long enough. You are in control of that though with the Toto Washlet S350E. The water flow doesn’t stop until you want it to.

There are two presets on the remote, which is a great feature for those that use the toilet the most. They won’t have to make adjustments each time, just push the preset on the remote and it will automatically be right where they want it. The warm air dry is the finishing touch on that sanitation process.

The bowl has a pre-mist feature so that you aren’t going to be flushing a dry toilet bowl. This is a feature that many of the competitors don’t have. This prevents harsh water from lingering in the bowl which can cause staining. It also reduces the need to use harsh chemicals to reduce or eliminate those stains.

The self-cleaning wand after each use means that you don’t have to spend your time scrubbing toilets anymore. There is an automatic air deodorizer that features a carbon filter. This will prevent any type of embarrassment after using the bathroom due to smell. The seat is heated so it will never be uncomfortable no matter how cold it is or what time it is when you go use it.

There is an LED nightlight that helps to reduce the need to turn on bright lights. When you get up to use the toilet at night, you want to be able to go back to sleep soon afterwards. This change in the lighting used can make a huge difference in how quickly you are able to resume your sleeping pattern.


There is only a one year, limited warranty offered on the Toto Washlet S350E. Many consumers feel that for the price they are paying, they should be offered a more generous warranty period.

The beige color isn’t offered in the elongated style. Only white is offered in that style.

Some consumers have been frustrated when they lose the remote! It can be like any other remote in the home – it ends up in some strange locations. A person walks away from the bathroom with it in hand and then sets it down absent mindedly in another location. Another frustration can be when the batteries die. Keeping a backup set in the bathroom just in case can resolve that problem.


The Toto Washlet S350E costs just over $1,000. While it is one of the higher priced toilet seats out there, it is worth the value of what it offers. For many consumers, it will be the last toilet seat they ever have to invest in. Several of the websites offer special promotions including 5% off or free shipping. Find out what offers are in place before placing an order so that you get the very best price available at that point in time.


Overall this is one of the best bidets on the market. It is well made and has every feature imaginable, even more than other bidets in the luxury class. However, this bidet is a few hundred dollars more than other similar models. If you want the best of the best, this model is for you. If you want a very close second, there are very similar bidets in the $600 range that are amazing as well.