TOTO Washlet S400 Review



The Toto Washlet S400 is an incredible bidet with features that make using the toilet a whole new experience. It is offered in both elongated and round sizes. It is offered in white or beige. The features are easy to use and they can be programmed to offer the ultimate experience every time. It is one of the few completely hands free toilet seats offered.


One of the features that the Toto Washlet S400 has that few others do is the automatic flushing. It also features the automatic opening and closing of the lid. As soon as you get close to it, the lid will open. Walk away, and it will quietly close. The wireless remote makes it possible to get the features you want when you want them.

The dual action spray allows you to clean your body successfully after you use the toilet. The self-cleaning nozzle offers a massaging motion as it cleans. The water is warm and the spray is consistent. You get to control when the stray of water ends. There are three temperature options on the remote control and two water volume pressure settings.

The warm air drying system of the Toto Washlet S400 is very good. There are three temperature settings for the dryer so you can use the one you are the most comfortable with. The seat is also heated and there are three heating options for it. This seat is simple to install and be done in 30 minutes or less. The Toto Washlet S400 is antibacterial, which helps to reduce the spread of germs.

No more spending money on toilet paper, and no more worrying about the spreading of germs by touching the various points of a toilet seat when you use the toilet. The charcoal filter helps to eliminate the risk of odors after using too. The air deodorizer and purifier is automatic. The toilet seat is very easy to remove for cleaning. The seat is also hydraulic to get to the right height for the person using it.


The Toto Washlet S400 can only be used with the Toto brand of toilet. While there is no question those are good quality, it can be an additional expense for the consumer. This sit isn’t going to fit on just any toilet like most of the others will.
It is one of the higher costing toilet seats, but to be fair, it also offers more features and customizations of those features than the competitors.


The Toto Washlet S400 retails for about $1,200. There is surcharge for the beige color.
If offers most of the features that you will find with the higher priced ones. If you want to save a bit of money, the Toto Washlet S350E costs about $1,000 and has most of the same features. There is a one year limited warranty on the product.


The Toto Washlet S400 is an expensive toilet seat model, but it is worth the investment. It offers a hands free experience. The remote is easy to use and it can be customized with many of the settings. This allows a person to get the experience that is right for them, including the right amount of water pressure and the right drying temperature.